Lime Canary - Company Message


We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown below. Please email for more information on products.
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D1- Large Butterfly glass plate $25

D2- Silver glazed ceramic maple leaf dish- $18
D3- Silver and pewter glazed ceramic vases. 3 styles L-$35, M-$28, sm-$22D4- Pewter glazed ceramic Budha -$32D5- Turquoise wooden birds on wood- $32D6- Welcome mat $25D6- Butterfly glass coasters- $12 (4)D8- Blue jay glass coasters (4)- $12D9- Green and blue ceramic birds-$10 eachD10- Large and small pewter/gold ceramic bird- L-$15 (4'x3.5D11- ceramic birds- $12 eachD12- Glass bird on a wire plate- $20D12- Pewter birds as one -$24D13- ceramic brown bird- $10D13- Pewter ceramic bird-$15 (4D14- hematite glaze leaf platter-$25D15-hematite glaze tree of life platter-$25

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